What do franchisees have to say about Best Brains?

I am a parent myself, and I have found that owning a Best Brains center still allows me to maintain my work-life balance. It requires about the same time a part-time job would, yet it is very rewarding work.

Sakina B. Algonquin, Il 2016

My daughter was attending Best Brains. She was loving it, and I saw significant improvement. I thought having a center nearby would help other students. Our franchise is based on a strong community sense, and we work with parents as a family extension.

Rajani P. Menomonee Falls, 2019

Growing up, I always wanted to help other people. It’s something where I can give back and help another person. That’s why I got into education.

Nicole S. Roselle, Il 2016

It truly is a family, it’s very personal and intimate when it comes to helping each other out, either center owners or corporate guiding us with procedures and programs and that intimacy and family feeling… that’s what I think makes us the best.

S. Bano Center Owner

I got a lot of support from the corporate team to take over this business from the previous owners answering all of my questions, concerns and helping me with all sorts of queries I had. We are spreading education, we are educating the next generation, brightening their future and preparing them for their future.

M. Sohail Center Owner

This is my 5th year at Best Brains and I love working at Best Brains, I truly do, I have kids who are 4 years old and kids up to 16-17 years old in the ACT class, so working with a mixed group makes my day, I truly like that. With the young kids we seem improvement after 2-3 weeks, the older kids proudly come back with their ACT score saying I went up from a 28 to a 30 and from 30 to 32, it’s very rewarding.

C.Thomsen Teacher