Best Brains Teachers

Start your own Best Brains center for only $3000.

A Best Brains franchisee who is a certified teacher brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to their Best Brains Learning Center. Because of this, we have a special franchising program designed specifically for teachers! Become your own boss with a center of your own and help us grow Best Brains as the best supplemental education company for students and educators alike!

No other learning center brand is a bigger employer and supporter of teachers than Best Brains. The teacher program is unique to our brand, providing multiple incentives to help lower the initial investment costs for public school teachers looking to open a center of their own.

If you are a teacher looking to start your own business, set yourself up for retirement, or to take control of your career, we want to hear from you. Schedule an interview to learn more about our incentive programs.

Best Brains Supports Our Veterans

US Veterans Receive Free Training

Looking to continue your service?
Best Brains invites you to join our network of owner/operators across the United States. Since 2013, we have been opening successful centers in partnership with owners who are dedicated to improving the lives of children in their local communities. Best Brains centers support students and their families with individualized attention from real teachers and a proven curriculum designed to help children perform better in school on homework, tests, and final exams.

As our brand expands, we want to share our successful business model to more communities than ever! That means finding and training individuals with a proven dedication to making the world a better place.

Veterans make amazing franchisees for Best Brains Learning Centers. A veteran is someone who leads by example. An individual who holds themself to a higher standard and delivers results. Someone the parents of their community can entrust with their children's academic success.

To get you started in our franchising program, – so you can dedicate more of your resources to establishing a learning center in your community where children can learn, grow and thrive.